cerulean is closing our doors
after many wonderful years of troving the markets and marketplaces
for fantastic imported clothing, handmade accessories, unique shoes,
and inspired goods, it is time for the next adventure!

Stay tuned for more travels, shopping tips, and stylish adventures
in our next incarnation (as yet to be determined).
We have loved having you be a part of our little world on the internet!
Don’t forget that travel’s greatest purpose
is to replace and empty mind with an open one!

Cerulean \Ce*ru"le*an\  [from the Latin cærulus dark blue, dark green, applied to the sky, the Mediterranean sea
 but occasionally to leaves, fields]. Of the colour of the cloudless sky, pure deep blue, azure.
a world of style delivered to your door...
cerulean is the tie that binds exotic locales from across the globe, from the sky over patagonia, to the waters off the coast of thailand, the front doors of casitas in mexico and the headdresses ofthe moroccan sheiks. cerulean is the color of languishing beside tropical waters, and of pangas and moorish tiles. cerulean is a well-lived and well-traveled life.

stay tuned for more exciting things to come form cerulean in the near future! thanks for your support!